“Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way”



“Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way”, it is only normal for Habanaworks to associate themselves with Christopher Wallace’s words. Habanaworks is a non-profit organization created by Sean Meenan in 2006. The organization embraces urban environmentalism and provides free engaging educational programs for the community in downtown Brooklyn. To learn more check out http://www.habanaworks.org/


One of the recurring events Habanaworks sponsors is Habana Outpost’s Earth Day.  Here are a few shots from last year’s event.



Children learning about the importance and function of compost.


Brooklyn resident partaking in recycling electronic products, with Tekserve’s E-Waste program.


Artsy activies such as face painting.


And of course, Habana’s Famous Corn!


Owner, Sean Meenen and his son taking in one more moment at Habana Outpost.


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