Just Another Day @ The Brooklyn Love Building


Located on the sides of the Brooklyn Love Building, lies the words and face of The Notorious B.I.G. Time to time, the mural attracts all sorts of visitors. On March, a bearded individual wearing a cap and a pair of bright red sneakers settled on the corner. He brought with him what seemed like huge black box encased in a silver metal frame. Before sitting down, he pulls out a vibrantly decorated turntable. He plugs them in and then it begins…

Recognizable beats and pieces of Biggie’s music start to pour out. A crowd forms as he begins to mix some of Biggie’s iconic instrumentals. I hurried to grab my camera to capture the moment.


After awhile, I approached the man and asked him his name and why? The man introduced himself as Dj Alizay, and he explained it was Biggie’s 20th year anniversary since his death.



The Brooklyn Love Building always seems to attract new and interesting guests from time to time.

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