“Spread Love it’s the Brooklyn Way”


Owner and Founder of Habana, Sean Meenan, created the “Brooklyn Love Building” in response for his love of Brooklyn’s past and community. It’s the first residential space to promote a message of local love and pride.


Brooklyn Love Building as seen from the intersection of Fulton and South Portland.


Sean Meenan working with New York based graffiti artist, Lee Quinones, on their expansive Pigeon Mural.


Local painter and graffiti artist, Cern,  adding finishing touches on the Biggie mural.

Sean Meenan“At the end of the day,” says Sean pictured above, “I want people to smile.”

Spanning about 50 Feet across the Brooklyn Love Building, “Spread Love its the Brooklyn Way” is painted on the side of the building. A verse from The Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy”, giving many onlookers something “big” to smile about.

Check out The Brooklyn Love Building at 690-694 Fulton Street (at South Portland) in Brooklyn, New York