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It has been 6 years since the completion of the Notorious B.I.G mural. Habana acting as the canvas, has given a unique opportunity for local artists and the community. Together, Biggie’s iconic image and his lyric from his song, “Juicy” can be found appearing in front of the Brooklyn Love Building. While paying homage to Biggie’s influence in his native borough, the mural and lyrics promote a sense of community and compassion. As the neighborhood continues to grow and change, it also acts as a reminder towards ourselves, our neighbors and the place we can call our home.





While we are bird crazy over here let’s slap a little trivia on you:
Did you know pigeons can see ultraviolet light which humans  can not?

Actually, our birds are quite the opposite
They’re soaring right out of the C train exit.

They’ve gotten great wind and weather to do so thanks to almost flawless autumn days. Artist Lee Quinones has been flying right along with their creation, just check out the images below!